Youth Football

The most effective offense for youth football?

The T Formation is the easiset and most effective offense for youth fooball

  • The Advantages of the T Formation:
  • Run first offense, great for youth football
  • Does not require a superstar running back to be effective
  • Easy to teach with simple blocking rules
  • Does not require huge lineman to be effective
  • A balanced formation that does "tip off" plays
  • Suitable for all youth programs and skill levels
T Formation

Don't install a complicated offense your players can't execute

Execution is the key

You might think you are fooling your opponent but in reality you are fooling your own team. Many youth coaches install offenses that are too complicated for the youth level. These offenses might look great on paper but they are a train wreck at the youth level. Don’t select a collection of plays for your offense, you need a complete an offensive system. The T formation is the precursor to most modern formations but remains a great offense for youth football. The Tee Formation Youth Football Playbook is a complete offensive system designed for youth football.

T Formation Playbook

The Simplest and Most Effective Formation for Youth Football

T fomation playbook
  • The T Formation Playbook:
  • 70 fully diagrammed plays in color
  • A series based offense, not just a collection of plays
  • Simple blocking rules your players will remember
  • Pass blocking scheme designed to stop blitzes and stunts
  • Additional formations designed to complement the T Formation
  • High percentage pass plays
  • BONUS: 8 Wildcat Formation Plays

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