Youth Football

The Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense

The Spread Formation Designed for the Youth Level

  • The Advantages of the Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense:
  • Spread the field horizontally with Jet/Fly motion
  • Get your best athletes in space
  • Deceptive offense that utilizes misdirection
  • Simple blocking rules
  • Counters to keep the defense from overshifting
  • Quick passes and screens to keep defenses from blitzing
Jet/Fly Formation

Tired of defenses stacking the box...

Spread the field horizontally,
Make the defense defend sideline to sideline

Do you run an offense where the defense stacks the box with 9, 10, or even 11 players? Do want an offense that spreads the field and creates running lanes for your backs? Most Spread Offenses are designed for the passing game but the average completion percentage at the youth level is only 25%. The Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense is a run oriented spread offense that uses Jet/Fly Motion to spread the field horizontally. Youth players do not tackle well in space, open up running lanes and get your best athletes in space where they can make plays.

Shotgun Jet/Fly Offense

A Run Oriented Version of the Spread Offense Designed for Youth Football

Shotgun formation
  • Included in the Shotgun Jet/Fly Playbook:
  • 54 fully diagrammed plays in color
  • A series based offense, not just a collection of plays
  • Plays designed to spread the field horizontally with Jet/Fly motion
  • Simple blocking rules you can teach
  • Counters/complimentary plays to keep the defense on their toes
  • Plays designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced teams
  • Simple play calling rules

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